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APC-2000 ALWAPCE-2000PD and APCE-2000PZAPR-2000 ALWAPR-2000G ALAPRE-2000GAPRE-2000PD and APRE-2000PZAPRE-2200ASAS-dPCS-25/I; CS-25/U; CS-25/RSMS-100K PCE-28PCE-28PPRE-28SG.Profibus PASGE-25 Smart and SGE-25S SmartSGE-25 and SGE-16SGE-25S and SGE-25CVM-3 and VM-5ZL-24-01ZL-24-08ZS-30EEx1ZS-31EEx1ZSP-41 

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Address: Poland, Warszawa, 03-192 Morelowa 7

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Gauge model (also with diaphragm seal)
Measuring range: min. 0 ... 1 bar; max. 0... 400 bar
Casing diameter 100 mm
Accuracy: 1%
Process connection: M20 x1,5

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